Scholastic Crime Stoppers

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COLUMBIA-Students in Columbia Public Schools will now have a new way to report crimes and violence happening on school grounds. The Scholastic Crime Stoppers program allows students to report a crime anonymously by calling or texting the number 875-TIPS. The phone number used to make the report will be scrambled before it reaches the police department. The information is then passed on to school administration for further investigation.

Hickman High School Principal Tracey Conrad said students are embracing the program and are developing a student organization to oversee the system. Hickman has been discussing program for about a year and is excited to be running a pilot of this program.

Columbia resident Aziza Shanneb sends her daughter to Hickman High School and said she worries about her daughter's safety while she's in school and embraces this program.  "I think it's helpful to make sure kids are safe. And if they don't feel safe and if they see something wrong. And sometimes it is not easy to talk to someone but it's easier to text", said Shanneb.

The program is financed by a shared cost between Crime Stoppers and the Columbia School District.