School Board Brainstorms Next Steps in School District Scandal

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ASHLAND - Southern Boone County School Board met on Monday to address accusations made against Superintendent Charlotte Miller.  In the meeting, it brainstormed the next steps to assess the validity of the accusations made by former Assistant Superintendent Carolyn Deffenbaugh in her seven-page resignation letter.

One board member said this was a "big deal" and the board needs to take the necessary steps to make sure it isn't going to be "a big mess in Southern Boone history."

Board member Jesse Richardson said the board is looking into hiring former Jefferson City Public Schools Superintendent Burt Kimble to lead an outside committee to review the material.

Another board member agreed with Richardson on bringing in a committee outside the community saying this is "unchartered territory" for the board and it needs to "stay as removed from this as possible."

It plans to meet Thursday at 1 p.m. with a list of specific issues it would like the outside investigative committee to address. Until then, Richardson encouraged the district's faculty to come forward with any information or insight they have into the claims.