School Bus Fund Increase

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COLUMBIA - With gas prices and transportation costs rising, lawmakers want to help ease the burden for Public Schools.

Lawmakers want more money for school bus transportation.

The House Budget Committee is addressing amendments to restore a 35 million dollar cut from Public School transportation.

Last year, the General Assembly appropriated 153 million dollars for school buses, but Governor Nixon withheld about 70 million dollars due to the economy. When the economy improved slightly the governor released an additional 15 million dollars, which left funding for education transportation at about 98 million dollars. The governor wants the same level of funding this year, but lawmakers want the full amount of 153 million dollars for bus transportation.

Dr. Tim Wright, assistant Principal at Rock Bridge High School, says either way, an increase in funding for Public Schools would go a long way.

"With that funding, hopefully we would be able to extend the amount of services we provide to our community," said Wright.

Once the House Budget Committee addresses the amendments, the bill will move to the floor.