School Bus Inspection Results Released

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri State Highway Patrol released the results of the 2013 Annual Bus Inspection Program Monday.

The Motor Vehicle Inspection Division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol inspected a total of 11,890 school buses between February 4 and April 30 this year. During initial inspection, inspectors approved 88.3 percent of the buses.

Statewide, 10,493 buses received approval after initial inspection and 1,153 buses were deemed defective.

After a bus is determined to be "defective" the school district may continue to operate the bus until a repair is made. Districts have 10 days to make those repairs after initial inspection.

Also, 244 buses were placed out of service. Buses placed out of service are not allowed to run until repairs are completed and the bus is re-inspected.

In addition, 292 Missouri school districts received the "total fleet excellence" distinction which is given to school districts with an approval rating of 90 percent or higher with no buses placed out of service. Districts given the "total fleet excellence" distinction typically display a sticker in the window of their buses.

Out of 188 buses inspected in Columbia, 161 buses were approved, 23 buses were deemed defective and four were placed out of service.