School Bus System Reduces Bullying Complaints

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COLUMBIA -With this school year a few months in, Columbia Public Schools has already begun preparations for next year. The district has renewed it's contract with First Student for bus transportation for another year.

This fall, students were introduced to the three tier system, or a staggering of release times. Jefferson Middle School principal Greg Caine said since the transition the new program, Jefferson has seen a reduction in the number of office refferals due to bus incidents. 

"When you get all of the kids on the bus that are yours for a particular school, that's a big advantage because you can control things a lot better," said Caine. 

Caine said since all the schools taking the bus are from Jefferson, when there are incidents, they are handled much more efficiently. 

"If you have to review an incident, you know all the students are yours, you have those connections," said Caine. "I think that's a big benefit, having that opportunity."

In addition, Caine said the system allows for a more uniform way of eductating students on how they should behave on the school bus.

"From an administration standpoint, trying to educate kids, because you don't know what they're necessarily hearing at a different school and one school may be giving a stronger emphasis towards a particular type of behavior," said Caine.