School closings lead to day of fun for some children

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COLUMBIA - When school is cancelled because of weather, some parents are left scrambling for ways to keep their children occupied, which can benefit businesses that cater to children.

Going Bonkers, an amusement center located off of Buttonwood Drive, was swarming with children enjoying video games and a maze during their day off from school.

Assistant Manager Steve Crabtree, said this was one of the busiest Mondays he's experienced because of school closings. 

"We're usually very busy on the weekends, but snow days are busy because students are free and could use something to do," Crabtree said. 

School cancellations may be fun for children, but they aren't always easy on parents.

Adam Swon said he didn't think the roads were bad enough to cancel school Monday, but he understands the school district's concerns.

"Sometimes it does cause a little bit of hardship on the parents, those that don't have the option of taking the day off," Swon said. 

Schools will be in session again beginning Tuesday.