School of Metaphysics experts interpret dreams

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COLUMBIA - Have you ever awoken from a dream that confused you and you wished you could figure out what it meant?

KOMU 8 News talked to some people in downtown Columbia and asked them what dreams they have, and if they wondered what their subconscious could be telling them.

"I had a recurring nightmare when I was younger and that would be really interesting to see what that means," Dayna Linneman, a student at Rockbridge High School said. "I was actually running down an alley but I'm younger but I have no idea what that means but knowing my subconscious may be having a fear, that would be awesome."

The Columbia branch of the School of Metaphysics will be hosting a hotline this weekend where people like Dayna can call in and ask dream experts what their most puzzling dreams mean.

"People are going to start to hear about it and they're going to call the hotline," director Brenton Harris said. "We're just going to take shifts and answer the phone all weekend long interpreting dreams all weekend long."

The School of Metaphysics is a national school and is located in places like Illinois, Texas and Missouri. The school in Columbia has been around for almost 40 years, but until recently it hasn't been very active.

Harris arrived in Columbia in October, and has tried to give the school a new image, including reintroducing the National Dreams Hotline, which is always held at the end of April. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, the science of dreams is nothing new. Sigmund Freud wondered in the 19th century if our dreams could be telling us about internal and unresolved conflicts.

Harris said dreams bring a person into a connection with their deepest thoughts. 

"Dreams are a conversation between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind," he said. "So every night you get to have a conversation with a deeper, more observant knowing being part of you and get answers."

One Columbia resident said he had a dream that left his heart racing.

"I was falling and I woke up out of breath like 'what was happening?' " said Kenneth Hicks.

Harris said a fear of falling is one of the most common dreams someone could have.

"If you're falling it can often mean that things feel out of control," he said.  

People can call the hotline at 573-449-8312 between now and Sunday to have their dreams interpreted by experts for free.