School Officials Weigh In On Gov. Nixon Proposal

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COLUMBIA - School officials from Missouri State University said Friday, it would be "irresponsible" not to consider all options to keep tuition rates low and avoid deep spending cuts.  A proposal from Governor Jay Nixon would ask five Missouri universities to provide $107 million from their reserves to cover a gap in the Higher Education budget. The state would use that money to avoid deep spending cuts to Missouri's public colleges and universities.

Officials from Missouri State University -- one of five possible schools to contribute to the loan, said they would consider any possible options to avoid losing state appropriated funds. "We are willing to hear any possible options to keep student tuition as low as possible," Chief of Staff Paul Kincaid said.

Missouri Budget Director Linda Lueberring said this idea is only preliminary and is one of many options to fill state budget gaps.

The five universities outlined in the proposal are the University of Missouri - Columbia, Truman State University, Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State University and The University of Central Missouri.