School Redistricting

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COLUMBIA - Don Ludwig, head of the Columbia Public School redistricting committee, said he thinks people will be happy with the three scenarios his committee made.  He said the committee will announce the three scenarios consisting of the reconfigured boundary lines on October 27.  Ludwig said the three scenarios consist of six maps, three for the high schools and three for the intermediate schools, that highlight three final options for redistricting.  Of these three scenarios, one will eventually be chosen in January as the new districting plans.  

Ludwig said the committee has made around 125 maps with options of boundary lines.  While deciding on boundaries the group took diversity and proximity into consideration.  One of the methods they used was drawing a two mile radius around each school on a map verifying that everyone whose house falls inside of those circles will definitely be districted to that school.

Ludwig said they will be holding public forums in November and stressed the committee would really appreciate for a lot of people to come and share their input.  He said he is sure people will bring up good points that his committee members and himself haven't thought of.

Jennifer Black Cone, a language arts teacher at Rock Bridge, has daughter in seventh grade.  Her daughter will be in the first freshman class to attend the high schools.  Black Cone said she thinks all of the negative hype around the redistricting comes from people being afraid of the change.  Since Black Cone is a teacher for the Columbia Public School district, she is allowed to say what schools she wants them to attend.  She said her daughter would probably attend Rock Bridge for convenience reasons since she works there, however she also thinks it would be really awesome for her daughter to be apart of the very first class to go to Battle High School.  

The new Battle High School will allow for ninth through twelfth grade to be in the high schools.  Currently there are around 600 high schoolers in each graduating class, but with the new high school it will bring it down to around 400 per class.