School Resource Officer

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - South Callaway R-II School District will be the first district in Callaway County to add a school resource officer. 

The Callaway County Commission signed a contract Monday allowing a school resource officer from the Callaway County Sheriff's Department to work on the district campus. South Callaway R-II School District has three schools on its campus and all within eyesight of each other. 

Eastern Callaway County Commissioner Randall Kleindienst is in favor of putting a school resource officer in the district. 

"It's a sign of the times," Kleindienst said. "Security is being upgraded everywhere." 

It is about an 18 minute drive from the sheriff's department to the campus if you are going to the speed limit. 

"It also gives us coverage in an area that could be a delay for a response time," Kleindienst said. "The signs of the times are we need more security in our schools and wherever else there's public venues like that."

At most it would cost $38,000 for the resource officer's salary and around $51,000 with benefits. The school district with pick up 65 percent of the bill including salary and benefits. The county will foot the other 35 percent. However, the sheriff's department will paying for training and vehicles, which is not included in the $51,000. 

Kevin Hillman, the South Callaway R-II School District Superintendent, said he doesn't just see the resource officer as just an officer in the schools. 

"We want them to be well-known for all of our kids," Hillman said. "We want them to be very much a fabric of what we do."