School Safety

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COLUMBIA - It is every educators greatest fear.

It is every parent's worse nightmare.

And it was tragic reality Monday morning at Chardon High in Ohio -- 3 students killed and one wounded.

At Columbia Public Schools,  Michelle Baumstarck claims teachers and administrators are prepared.  She says the school system is constantly adjusting its plans.

"We practice real emergency situations all the time. We even use paint ball guns to make it seem more realistic" said Baumstarck. 

"Our number one priority is student safety" said Christian Basi at the MU News Bureau. The University of Missouri wants to ensure student safety by continuously updating plans and emergency scenarios. "Modern technology helps us communicate quickly to people, which is very helpful" said Basi. The campus has a system to quickly send out alerts on Twitter, email and text.

When it comes to the security of the campus, it is the men in blue that are in charge. MUPD is in charge of creating and coordinating the plans for the MU campus. The department also offers classes to students, teachers and staff on what to do in emergency situations such as a school shooting. "It happens. You see it across the nation happening and as fast as we are we can not be there immediately. That is why we offer these classes to help protect yourself until we get there" said MUPD Captain Brian Weimer. 

The class includes both a lecture and physical training. MU Police Sgt. April Colvin teaches the class. The next class will be held at the MU police department on March 22nd from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The class is free of charge. 

Cathy Scroggs Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs has attended the class herself and highly recommends it. "It's a great idea to teach people. They can learn how to protect themselves until the police can arrive."