School Talks Outsourcing Jobs

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NORTH CALLAWAY - North Callaway school board members answered questions Thursday evening from the North Callaway CTA Welfare Committee. The janitorial/maintenance and transportation department employees had a list of questions regarding the school's decision to outsource jobs.

In its five page list of questions, the school employees addressed concern about the school district's "great retirement system."

There were two ladies at the meeting representing the North Callaway CTA Welfare Committee. These women said they and their co-workers are concerned about keeping their benefits with an outside source employer. They're especially worried about their retirement plans. The school board has not picked a company yet but they have one they're leaning toward.

Superintendent Bryan Thomsen said the board is hoping an outside source will help cut down the school's budget for those employees.

"If there's any of those we can contract out to do that more efficiently, we wanna specialize in education, and we know there's some companies that can specialize in transportation or food service," Superintendent, Byran Thomsen, said.

"I think there's different concerns about their benefits are their main concerns...and so far, they don't feel they have an answer," Welfare Committe member, Sheryl Orshelin, said.

The outside company the school board is leaning towards is called PTI. It already works with several other school districts in missouri and plans to open an office in Columbia.