Schools Participate in International Recycling Program

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FULTON - Some Callaway County schools are participating in an international recycling company's re-purposing program. TerraCycle Inc. collects certain trash items that aren't typically recyclable, such as candy wrappers and juice pouches, and uses them to create products like bags, park benches, ice melt and flower pots.

Kingdom Christian Academy in Fulton and North Elementary in Holts Summit are both part of one of TerraCycle's waste collection 'brigades.' The company pays two cents per-piece of re-usable trash collected by the schools, and covers the cost of shipping the materials to a facility for them to be re-purposed into a new product.

The money is donated to the charity of the schools' choice.

For more information on TerraCycle Inc., or to become part of the waste collection 'brigades,' visit their website.