Schulte\'s Fresh Foods Almost out of Bottled Water

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JEFFERSON CITY - Due to the water main break Tuesday, grocery stores in Jefferson City Wednesday are swamped with bottled water sales, causing their stock to be depleted.

Schulte's Fresh Foods started running out of bottled water Tuesday afternoon and into the evening.  When the store opened Wednesday morning, the shelves were empty.  Store manager John Schulte said the store had a soda company deliver an emergency stock of water later in the afternoon.

Even with that delivery, Schulte's is only 20 percent stocked with bottled water.

"They were wanting the gallons of water first and they wiped us out with that. And after they took all the gallons, they started taking the 24 packs and then the 12 packs, and it got down to six packs and the singles," Schulte said.

Jefferson City resident Frank Rycyk shopped for bottled water Wednesday at Schulte's.  Due to the increase in sales, he had to buy a larger supply than expected.

"I bought a 24 pack, simply because I couldn't find a six pack. And I expect the water to be on by tomorrow, but I don't know so I probably bought too much," Rycyk said.

John Schulte said it's hard to prepare for something like this.  He said it's a waiting game and everyone is pretty much out of luck until the water results are released.

Ann Dettmer with Missouri American Water said the boil water advisory is still in effect.  She expects the water results to become available sometime Thursday.  Dettmer said it's fine to do laundry and wash clothes with the water, but if you are drinking it or cooking with it, she advises boiling the water first for at least five minutes.