Scott Boulevard and Vawter School Road Closed

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works promised drivers the intersection at Scott Boulevard and Vawter School Road would remain open, except for a three week period.

The potentially 21 day closure starts Tuesday and is a complete shutdown of the intersection.

Public Works asks drivers to be mindful that plans for the exact reopening date may change slightly over the next day. The changes will occur as the contractor evaluates the weather forecast and work schedule for early next week.

During the closure, drivers are encouraged to find and use alternate routes. Public Works has proposed these roadways as potential solutions.

Area resident Lakisha Glasgow said she is not happy to accommodate for the project.

"Well it's taking rather long for them to do it," Lakisha Glasgow said. "I have to drive all the way around, about 15 minutes extra just to get to work when I could just instead of going straight down Scott Boulevard."

You can keep up with the Scott Boulevard Project on KOMU 8 News or the city's website.