Scott Boulevard Construction Delay Displeases Trailgoers

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works postponed the closure of the Bellview Drive and Scott Boulevard intersection Friday.  The intersection closure was planned for April 21 through April 25 to be a part of phase II of the Scott Boulevard improvement project. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to Columbia Public Works to find out whether the end date of the project would be delayed because of the postponement.  Public information specialist Steve Sapp didn't return calls to KOMU 8 News about the possible delay.

The Scott Boulevard construction project blocks both entrances to the MKT trail at Jay Dix Station. Some trail goers were upset about the trail and the traffic. 

"I drove down here, it was pretty unfortunate to see the construction," walker Trent Kline said.  "I had to park far away, I wasn't even really sure where I could park. In general, it was just an inconvenience to me."

Biker Heath Cajandig said the traffic near his home off Chapel Hill Road keeps him waiting in his car and is costing him time.

"At least a couple times a day, there's a huge influx of cars and things get backed up. It's not that annoying for one day, but when you add it up over all the days and all the time, it's 100 hours, it's a lot," Cajandig said. 

Columbia Public Works has not said when the Bellview intersection will close.