Sculpture of Rush Limbaugh Headed to the State Capitol

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JEFFERSON CITY - A week after the conservative radio host called a Georgetown University student a "slut" on the air, Missouri lawmakers have chosen to honor Rush Limbaugh with a sculpture at the state Capitol.

Limbaugh will join Walt Disney, Sacajawea, Scott Joplin, and other famous Missourians in the Hall of Famous Missourians located on the third floor Capitol rotunda.

House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, made the selection. Tilley said he was "proud" to induct Limbaugh because of the radio personality's success and achievement.

"Of all of the Hall of Famous Missourians that have been inducted, all at some point in time said things that some people disagree with," Tilley said.

Representative Sara Lampe, D-Springfield, said the addition of Limbaugh would "cheapen" the entire hall of fame.

"My first reaction was I believe that Steve Tilley is politically savvy, so I'm shocked that he would move forward with this. Either that or he wants the press to come to Missouri, and this is one way to do it," Lampe said.

Representative Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, called the addition of Limbaugh "a terrible decision."

"Rush Limbaugh is at the very least incredibly controversial and I'm not sure what he's really adding to the state," Webber said.

In February, the Missouri Legislature inducted Kansas City baseball player John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil into the Hall of Famous Missourians.

The Speaker's annual golf tournament provides the funding for these sculptures.

"It's the Hall of Famous Missourians, not the Hall of Universally Loved Missourians," said Tilley.

Ironically, this comes a week after seven female Democratic representatives calling themselves the "Silent Seven" held a press conference criticizing Tilley and other House leaders for ignoring them during a debate over President Obama's contraception mandate.