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COLUMBIA - Mizzou Athletics has spent the past few days calling thousands of football season ticket holders to tell them that their seats must be moved for at least next season. 

Only season tickets holders with seats in the south end zone heard their phones buzzing, as that section of the stadium will undergo major reconstruction during the 2018 season. 

According to one south end zone Tiger fan, the Athletic department were not the bearers of bad news. 

"I liked my seats in the end zone, but they were more than fair with what they offered in exchange for giving them up. I was expecting to be upset, but after talking to them I'm very happy," Brian Garner said. 

Mizzou Athletics offered each affected party three different relocation options, seats Garner said were comparable in quality to his old ones. 

He said he was won over when the school proposed to grandfather his current rate for the next five seasons. 

A total of roughly 4,600 season ticket holders will watch the games from a new seat next season, and many won't be back in 2019. 

The renovations will add several amenities to the stadium, but will also reduce end zone seating capacity from roughly 9,000 to around 2,500. 

Therefore, this transfer is permanent for a large amount of the migrating Tiger fans.

Mizzou Athletics is very excited for everything the new end zone will offer the stadium in 2019. 

The $100 million project will bring new coaching offices, locker rooms, suites, and clubhouses to Faurot Field. 

"We have paid attention to everything that both the fans and the team has asked for, and looked to answer those requests with our new endzone," said Jay Luksis of the Mizzou Athletics marketing team.