Seats Go On Sale From Columbia Regional Airport

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COLUMBIA - Frontier Airlines officials said on Monday, they are pleased with current sales of flights from Columbia to Orlando, and bookings are meeting their expectations. Frontier flights to Orlando start November 20th, and American Airlines flights from Columbia to Dallas and Chicago start February 14th. Seats for American Airlines flights went on sale Sunday. American will fly to Chicago once a day, seven days a week.  Flights between Dallas and Columbia will run twice a day, except on Saturday when there's no flights.

The new flight options eliminate many problems for traveling passengers like Jack Watkinson. "I think it's actually pretty neat, because I know when I fly into this airport, every time there's two or three different connecting flights. And it feels like it almost doubles the flight time for you to get somewhere," Watkinson said.  

Frontier and American Airlines have not released numbers regarding how many tickets have been sold so far.