SEC Fans Split on who to Root for in Championship Game

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ATLANTA - Atlanta is filled with both Auburn and Missouri tigers, but fans from all 14 schools made the trip to the SEC championship games. Fans of other schools are divided on who they want to win Saturday's game.

"It pains me to say I'm kind of rooting for Auburn," Georgia fan Laurie Smith said. "I've kind of got Auburn fever with the exciting finishes they've been having the last couple of games"

Alabama fans Virginia and Smitty Johnson are rooting for Mizzou in the Championship game. "If we're not down here, I'd rather for Missouri to be here," Virginia Johnson said.

"I think Auburn's gonna do it...being a Georgia guy, its always cool to see Auburn since they're so close to the house," Ryan Smith said.

However all the fans KOMU talked to said both teams deserved to be in the championship, and they are hoping for a good game on Saturday.