SEC warns fans about counterfeit tickets

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ATLANTA - The Southeastern Conference is warning fans to watch out for counterfeit tickets as they make their way to Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship.

Jim Sullivan, SEC Director of Championship Ticket Operations, said specific details and textures of the ticket will prove its validity.

"All the white printing on the ticket is raised and you can feel it as you rub your finger over it," Sullivan said. "The other thing is the SEC logo is a hologram, and as you tilt the ticket back and forth, little circle SEC logos will appear and disappear." 

Other key factors to determine if the ticket is real include colored print on both the front and back of the ticket and individual bar codes. No bar code should match another. 

"There are no digital tickets. There are no PDF tickets. There are no Ticketmaster stock tickets," Georgia Dome spokesman Jason Kirksey said.

He said the SEC is no stranger to these scams.

"This is one of those games every year where some people try to take advantage of the public just wanting to go see the game and they make a quick buck," Kirksey said. 

Kirksey said the best way to determine a ticket's legitimacy is to get it checked before buying it.

"If you are walking around downtown and someone approaches you about buying tickets and you think it's a good deal, have that person walk with you to the ticket validation window before you purchase tickets," Kirksey said.  

"If that person won't walk with you to or doesn't want to get the ticket validated, that should be a red flag to you."