Second Chance Prepares for Fundraiser

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COOPER COUNTY - Columbia Second Chance is celebrating its 26th birthday on Oct. 29 and has a week of fundraising planned to celebrate. 

Valerie Chaffin is the executive director for the organization and said she's excited about the events.

"Due to the efforts of many, many, many volunteers--dedicated volunteers--we're able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats that have been neglected, abandoned, or even abused in central Missouri both through owners or through breeders, and the work that these volunteers do is just amazing," Chaffin said.

Starting Sunday night, several Columbia restaurants will be donating portions of their profit to the shelter. You can go to Columbia Second Chance's website here to see when and where you can go to help out.

Chaffin said if you don't have the funds to donate right now, you can always help in other ways.  The shelter is run solely by volunteers and Chaffin said just about anybody is welcome to donate their time. 

There will be a birthday party held Saturday, Oct. 29 from 3-6 p.m. Anyone is welcome, including pets for games, pet grooming and refreshments.