Second Degree Murder Trial Underway for Eugene Man

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Eugene man was in court Monday for the September 2011 killing of 28-year old Caleb Crabtree. In the first day of his trial, the prosecution played an audio recording from the 911 call Drew Puckett placed minutes after killing Crabtree.

In the recording, Puckett said, "I told you I would and I don't feel bad about it."

The state charged Puckett with second degree murder more than three months after the shooting.

The defense argues Puckett acted in self defense. He was staying at his cousin's home after she had broke up with Crabtree. Crabtree and her had two daughters, both under the age of three.

The prosecution said Crabtree went to his ex girlfriend's home to see his younger daughters. Puckett's ex-girlfriend had filed for an ex parte order against him, but neither she nor any of the Pucketts attended the hearing, so the order was dismissed. 

Puckett had a shotgun when he and Crabtree got into an altercation outside of the house.

Puckett then shot Crabtree in the face and then called the police.

The trial is expected to end within a day or two.

CORRECTION: KOMU 8 News originally reported that both Crabtree's ex girlfriend and Puckett had ex partes against Crabtree, but they had only filed for one and noone from the family showed up to the hearing so the order was dismissed.