Second national VA Research conference comes to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The second National VA Research Conference got underway in Columbia Wednesday evening to further educate the process of improving veterans' health.

VA Research's goal is to meet the needs of veterans and individuals in hopes of increasing their recovery and reducing mortality rates and advancing medical science. VA has funded research investigators from a number of VA medical centers including Truman VA, officials from VA Central Office and University of Missouri Department.

The two-day event will include a data presentation on the newest research, panel discussion and dinner. On day two, Thursday, there will be a long day scientific session which will include presentations from several doctors around the region.

One keynote speaker at the event, Dr. William Sivitz, explained what the most important takeaway was that VA Research has been able to accomplish.

"The efforts we've made at translational research have had a really large impact on the quality of care we give to patients, but more important the outcomes;  the lack of complications of diabetes for example, kidney disease, eye disease, blindness, cardiac disease," Sivitz said.

This year, VA Research will celebrate 91 years of outstanding research.