Second phase of MKT trail

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COLUMBIA- The second phase of construction on the MKT Trail started on Tuesday, as crews began replacing and updating the sewer lines running through Flat Branch Park.

Because of the construction, the trail is closed from Elm Street to Stewart Road.

The city's website said the majority of the sewer system in the area is more than 100 years old. The construction's purpose was to upgrade and replace aging sewer lines to better serve the demands of the downtown area.

This is only one phase of the Flat Branch Watershed Relief Sewers Project. The first phase of the project updated the MKT trail from Providence Blvd to Stadium Blvd and was completed in October.

The multi-phase project costs about $3.9 million and is funded through the Sanitary Sewer Utility Capital Improvement funds.

The construction is scheduled to be completed by Jan. 27, 2017.