Security Camera for Limbaugh Bust Up and Running

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JEFFERSON CITY - An official in the Missouri House confirmed Friday the $1,100 security camera to protect the controversial Rush Limbaugh statue has begun operating. 

Director of Communications Trevor Fox would only confirm to KOMU 8 the existence of the taxpayer-funded camera, but would not offer any additional details. He said only House Clerk Adam Crumbliss can speak publicly about the matter, but he was not at work at the state capitol Friday.

The camera sits about 10 feet from the Limbaugh bust on the opposite wall on the third floor rotunda. Crumbliss told the Associated Press the House implemented the camera because of the threat of vandalism. The House made headlines last week by inducting the divisive conservative talk show host's bust into the Hall of Famous Missourians, using a closed ceremony to the dismay of House Democrats. 

KOMU 8 spoke with several visitors to the state capitol Friday about the taxpayer dollars used for Limbaugh's camera. Only one agreed to speak on camera, claiming the money was excessive regardless of his personal feelings toward Limbaugh.

"That amount of money for protecting something like that is definitely not right. Not with our tax dollars," Jefferson City resident Alan Lambert said. "I'm OK with the bust, but like him or not, $1,100... that's too much."

People also spoke up on KOMU 8's Facebook page with differing views. Vandee Waits DeVore wrote, "Our Capital is one of the most beautiful and openly available in the country. The entire building probably needs more security cameras throughout. Any camera is going to see various activities, not just one item."

The Limbaugh statue is the only bust with a security camera keeping watch over it.