Security Tightened at Westminster Religion Symposium

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FULTON - Westminster held the first day of a Religion Symposium Tuesday in Champ Auditorium.  Students at Westminster were let out of classes Tuesday and Wednesday to attend this two day discussion. 

Unlike many of the events at Westminster attendees were unable to bring in backpacks or large bags.  Large bags brought into the auditorium were stored in a closet and smaller bags were searched by security.  Fulton Police officers guarded the stage and doors at the event.

Westminster officials said this is fairly typical security measures, but students think otherwise.  Dalton O'Donnell is a student ambassador at Westminster and helps with many special events.  He along with other ambassadors thinks the security is much higher than previous years. 

"I think it has to deal with the recent events in the Middle East.  Those events have gotten everyone thinking and you know it's better to take precautions to prevent a disaster or anything like that," said O'Donnell.  

Westminster Security refused to comment on the student's observance of higher security.  

The symposium continues though Wednesday.