Sedalia Neighborhood Rebuilding Underway

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SEDALIA - The houses south of downtown Sedalia are in the middle of the long process of rebuilding after the tornado that ripped through the town on May 25th, nearly two weeks ago.

During the first week of the storm, local contractors could only place tarps over the roofs of houses and make sure that everyone was alright. Last week, the contractors began the work of fixing the roofs of house, as well as demolishing those that couldn't be saved.

Contractor Jeff Arnwine estimates roughly 20 houses will need to be demolished and roughly 300 have roofs that need repair. The demolished houses will only leave behind concrete foundations.

"The houses that need roof repairs, we think people will be back living in them within a month, but the houses that were demolished are looking at over a year," he said.

Business owners are still assessing the damage. Arnwine said it is not clear what is needed to fix those buildings just yet.