Sedalia Roller Rink Making the Best of Destruction

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SEDALIA - The Wheel Thing Skate Center in Sedalia is ready to begin the rebuilding process. Crews are already clearing debris from the site, and there are plans for a new building.

The rink's owner, Allen Embry, is finding the silver lining of the tornado last month. "It's a good thing that it happened during our slow period, during the summer. And it may be able to reopen in the fall when our busy season starts."

Like many business owners, Embry hopes that he can take the rebuilding opportunity to add to the building that was more than 50 years old before it was destroyed. Making the building larger with more room inside and more parking are just some things he's hoping for when it's rebuilt.

He also hopes to keep something from the old rink that means a lot to many who use the skate center. A drawing in the center of the rink floor is a picture of the Tasmanian Devil. The picture is a memorial to a past skater, Jesse Harrison, who died in a car crash back in 1998.

Embry hopes to keep that part of the floor and put it somewhere in the new building to keep Harrison's memory alive, and serve as a memorial of the tornado that struck Sedalia.