Sedalia Schools Expected to Start on Time

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 SEDALIA - Sedalia Superintendent Harriet Wolfe said Thursday she expects schools to start on time in August. Wolfe said even though the district's bus lot took a direct hit from the May 25 tornado and 26 of 33 buses were damaged, the district will have enough buses to transport students to and from school.

The district moved all the buses from the lot earlier this month and transported them to a local high school for repairs. Many buses had shattered windows, broken emergency hatches and debris inside of them.

Wolfe and 'First Student' Contract Manager Connie Miller said the company will bring in extra buses if needed once school starts. Wolfe said eight buses overall were totaled.

Miller has worked at the bus barn for more than 25 years and said it's difficult to look at the property and see everything gone.

"I've been here since the building was new. It was always peaceful and quiet with lots of shade. Now to look at it there's no shade, there's no building," Miller said.

Officials were also worried about some records they lost when the tornado destroyed a storage trailer on the same property as the bus lot. The district has to submit records on how many miles its buses traveled in order to receive a check for gas.

"I think the state department of education will work with us on that, primarily they will probably go back and look at our past history and determine for this one year what an average of our bus mileage would be," Wolfe said.

If the district does recover the records, they would be able to submit them to the state at a later date and have their reimbursement check adjusted according to Wolfe.