SEMA Says There is No Sand Shortage in MO

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JEFFERSON CITY - The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) said on Wednesday they have a plan for counties to use if they find themselves short on sand in wake of flood preparations.

SEMA spokesperson Mike O'Connell said normally, counties ask the state to send sand bags, which each county then fills on its own with local sand. Some counties in Missouri were running low on their sand supply, but were able to receive sand from surrounding counties or businesses. O'Connell said if a county isn't able to get the sand it needs, SEMA has set up a list of vendors that will then transport the sand to the county in need. So far, no counties have utilized the list, but O'Connell told KOMU 8 that Holt County said it may need the agency's services soon.

SEMA said it has sent out a million sand bags across Missouri. Platte, Buchanan, and Holt County have filled about 750 thousand sandbags alone. The Army Corps of Engineers estimated each bag holds about 33 pounds of sand. KOMU 8 did the math and realized about 16 thousand tons of sand will be used to fill the million bags.

Local businesses are doing what they can as well. Capital Sand of Jefferson City donated multiple tons of sand to a local Salvation Army, which sits on a creek in danger of flooding. They have also sent sand tubes up to Sioux City, Iowa to help with the flood efforts there. Capital Sand Vice President Steve Bohlken told KOMU 8 the company uses "waste sand", or the sand left over after cleaning, to fill sand bags; thus staying green while helping local communities.