Seminar Raises Awareness of Concussions

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COLUMBIA - Several statewide organizations and agencies gathered Monday to provide a free seminar to the public. The educational seminar focused on concussion care and management for athletes. The ultimate goal of the seminar was to reduce brain injuries. 

Maureen Cunningham of the Brain Injury Association of Missouri said 125 coaches, school nurses, athletic trainers, and school administrators attended the seminar to learn about concussions and to reduce the risk of long-term effects for student athletes. Cunningham stressed the importance of realizing that concussions do not only occur through school related sports and that education is the most important factor. 

"Concussions occur within recreational and community leagues as well," Cunningham said. 

The free training provided through the seminar applies to athletes participating in youth or high school sports, recreational or traveling leagues, and also at the community level.

The seminar is based on a similar seminar that took place in St. Louis back in March 2012. Cunningham said the seminar taking place Monday was modeled after the seminar in St. Louis. Cunningham also said the St. Louis seminar has been duplicated five times across the state. 

The seminar was focused around "Concussion Management: The Team Plan," which is based on the book written by Joseph Waeckerle, MD. 

Cunningham said because of the high demand for the seminars across the state there is anticipation that another conference will be offered next year as well.