Senate Bill 1 turns into 6 different bills

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JEFFERSON CITY- The house committee has decided to make the provisions of Senate Bill 1 into six different house bills. 

"We did amend quite a bit of of the legislation, that is part of the process," said Rep. Chuck Bayse. 

According to Bayse, one of the things that was of concern was lowering the age a juvenile can be tried as an adult.

Representative Kip Kendrick explained that when dealing with the criminal code, it is important to make sure it is right. 

"Anytime the general assembly amends a statute, it is important to get it right," said Kendrick. 

The bill passed 27-3 in the Senate and heard by the House Judiciary Committee on Aug 10. 

"Senate Bill 1 that came over from the Senate had errors in it," said Kendrick. "It was important for the House to really take the lead on the whole process and remove the Bill as a whole and break it down to smaller chunks." 

He said he hopes this makes it a better legislation and that it had bipartisan support. 

According to Kendrick, this technically needs to be done by September 25th to fall in the requirements about a special session, but he did not know when the Senate would be coming back. 

"I remain cautiously optimistic that the Senate will appreciate the changes the House has put on all the pieces of legislation," said Kendrick. 

KOMU 8 asked Representative Bayse if this was a pushback to Governor Parson and Bayse said no. 

The House of Representatives is set to re convene on Monday at noon to perfect the bills and hopes to vote on Tuesday.