Senate candidate shows support for balanced federal budget

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COLUMBIA - Missouri's presumptive Democratic senate candidate Jason Kander showed support for a balanced budget amendment on Thursday.

"Cutting wasteful spending should be a top priority for Congress and a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget is a step in the right direction," Kander said in a speech given at the Boone County Government Chambers. 

The Democratic Party doesn't support a balanced budget amendment, according to Kander. But his own personal experience is the reason why he's breaking from the party's stance.

"Missouri has a triple-A credit rating. Not every state around us does and a large part of that is because we've been consistent with balanced budgets," Kander said.

Kander also challenged opponent and incumbent Missouri Senator Roy Blunt's stance on a balanced budget amendment.

"Blunt has voted 12 times to raise his own pay and continues to vote for budgets with out of control spending," Kander said. 

The Blunt campaign office responded to Kander, saying he's just flip-flopping his stance because of the election year.

"At every opportunity, Jason Kander has supported President Obama and Hillary Clinton's spending priorities, and he has repeatedly attacked spending reductions proposed by Senator Blunt," Blunt's campaign office said.


Kander's campaign has refuted the Blunt campaign's allegations, noting that as a member of the State House Budget Committee, Jason helped pass a balanced budget every year without raising taxes. The Missouri Democratic Party has responded to Blunt's statement as well.