Senate Works To Restore Education Funds

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The Missouri Senate appropriations committee approved a $20 million increase for Missouri's two-and four-year colleges and universities along with another $20 million increase for K-12 transportation.
The funding would lessen the cuts proposed by Governor Jay Nixon in January, from a 7% cut to a 4.8% cut for next school year.
The restored money for state universities would help keep student costs down at a time when many institutions are raising tuition.
One of the hardest hit areas of the school budget was transportation.
The governor's higher education budget proposal would slash more than 50-million dollars for transportation purposes from its fall budget.
The Senate plan will restore $20 million of the proposed cuts.
Senate appropriations committee chairman Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, said shoring up transportation funding would prevent schools from dipping into funding meant for classrooms.
The committee will resume hearings Tuesday, and once approved, the budget bills will move to the Senate floor.