Senator McCaskill Addresses Issues Facing Mo. families

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COLUMBIA - Senator Claire McCaskill stopped in Columbia today for her statewide tour called "Fighting For Fairness". McCaskill addressed the issue of rising gas prices along with working class families paying higher tax breaks than those in the upper class.

The 5 major oil companies will receive $38 billion over the next 10 years. McCaskill says they don't need so many tax breaks at the expense of Missouri taxpayers.

"We got to look long term for what we can do to increase our independence from foreign oil because that's a huge part of the problem, increase our production domestically, cut out excessive speculation," Senator Claire McCaskill said.

Around Columbia gas stations customers are pumping between $50-$60 of fuel per visit.

"That's a huge difference. I remember filling up my car, we've had for a few years, so I can remember it being only about $30 to fill this tank and now we're almost at 60. So if you think about that is twice as much," Customer Cheryl Unterschutz said.

There's no telling when gas prices will decrease but McCaskill suggests releasing oil from the U.S. strategic reserve. This is oil stored away for emergency situations. Speculators say they expected prices to continue to increase. She says this talk would stop if we dip in the reserve.

She also talked about the "Buffet Rule" which would ensure that those who make over $1 million pay at least a 30 percent effective tax rate. Right now, multi-millionaires pay less than working class families. The Senate hopes to vote on this measure soon.

(Charles Minshew/KOMU)