Senator Stalls at Start of Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - The special session sputtered to a turtle's pace Tuesday as a lone Senator spent three hours stalling the chamber.

Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, attacked the Governor for the agenda he set in the special session. He attacked the Governor's ability to limit the issues lawmakers can discuss.

Crowell also attack his own party leaders for going along with the Governor's plan. The Cape Girardeau Senator sparred with Senate Leader Robert Mayer, R-Dexter, for his agreement with the agenda.

The debate spurred over a routine resolution which would have informed the House that the Senate had begun the session.

In his initial call for a special session, Governor Nixon set the agenda to revolve around a series of tax breaks designed to create jobs. However, the Governor expanded the plan Tuesday to include tax breaks for destroyed Joplin businesses, and a repeal over sections of a controversial law over the use of Facebook in schools.

Currently, the State charges a pro-rated property tax to homeowners whose home has been destroyed. The proposed plan would extend the tax break to include businesses.

Republican Senators planned to caucus one-hour after the Senate convened around 4 p.m. The caucus was behind closed doors.

A spokesperson from the Governor's office said Gov. Nixon does not think the intense debate will change his projected timeframe for the special session. He has said the special session should be finished within two weeks.