Senior center holds garage sale for facility improvements

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COLUMBIA — The Columbia Senior Activity Center began its two-day spring garage sale on Friday.

The annual garage sale was created to keep the center running because of its lack of government funding.

"We're still paying off the debt on the building while maintaining it," said Jody Cornwell, the special events chairwoman at the center.

Patrons of the senior center and others donated enough items in the garage sale to fill up the outside entrance, the front lobby, the cafeteria and an additional large room. 

Donations from the community included books, household items, toys for children and furniture. 

Customers flooded into the senior center long after its 3 p.m. planned end time to browse and buy from the collection.

All of the items sold will go toward paying off and maintaining the senior center.

Aside from a lack of government funding, there are other factors making it especially important that fundraisers like the garage sale take place to keep the facility in operation.

"There's no membership fee to participate," said Cornwell.

The chairwoman said previous fundraiser money was used to help pay for new carpet and air conditioning in the building.

Coordinators at the center say their next focus will be to improve the landscaping around the building. 

Still, while the facility receives improvements, money raised will have to be set aside to pay off the building debt.

The center will collaborate with the Columbia Entertainment Company in June for its next fundraiser.