Senior Nutrition Center seeks help finding second location

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JEFFERSON CITY – The Cole County Senior Nutrition Board is looking for another location after one of its sites recently closed. The board helps coordinate senior centers, which provide food and activities for senior citizens. 

The Clarke Senior Nutrition Center is now the only center in Jefferson City after the Capital Mall location closed on May 1.

The board has created a committee to aid in the search for a second location. Senior Nutrition Board Vice President Bill Deeken said the center would like to open a site on the west end of town.

Deeken said the committee is now asking the public to help with the search for the second location.

“We’re just asking the community for help. Anybody that can help us financially or with a building or donations…anything like that,” Deeken said.

The nutrition center did not have to pay rent at the Capital Mall location. Building owners asked the center to move after another store had the opportunity to move in.

Deeken said the owners offered three or four other locations, but none fit the center’s needs.

He said the room must have be at least 3,000 square feet to accommodate the meals and activities.

The Clarke location currently has the means to accommodate the extra meals and people. Head Cook Ken Shaw said the number of meals has nearly doubled since the other location closed.

Deeken said one concern was whether people that had used the Capital Mall center would use the Clarke Nutrition Center because of the location. 

Deeken said the committee would like to secure a location as soon as possible but wants to make sure it is getting the best room for the best price.

The nutrition center plans to host fundraisers to raise money for the second location.