Senior Rehabilitation Center Employee Arrested for Stealing

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Police said Courtney Guest, an employee at The Neighborhoods by TigerPlace, an elderly rehabilitation center, stole debit cards from both a resident and a fellow employee.

Police arrested Guest Wed., Nov. 13 for felony fraudulent use of a credit device, fraudulent use of a credit device misdemeanor, and a felony stealing charge.

David Gay, the Executive Director of The Neighborhoods said police alerted the facility Wednesday night of the situation and explained that the investigation had been going on for a while.

On Oct. 22, Guest was working at the facility at 3003 Falling Leaf Court. Police said Guest stole a debit card from a female resident's purse and used the debit card to purchase items totalling more than $500.

On Oct. 26, they said Guest stole a debit card from a fellow employee's purse. Police said Guest used the debit card, but did not spend more than $500.

Guest is being held on $9,500 in bonds.

At the time of her arrest, Guest was on 2 years unsupervised probation for failure to return leased or rented property (value less than $500).

Gay said The Neighborhoods does its best to do checks on employees.

"Our primary job is protective oversight and we take it very, very seriously," Gay said. "We do criminal background checks on each and every applicant before they ever hit the building or do any care."

The theft is the first instance of crime in the two-year-old facility's history.