Senior service member reflects on Memorial Day

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JEFFERSON CITY – A 21-gun salute and triple bell service honored veterans Monday at the Jefferson City National Cemetery. 

One veteran in attendance at the memorial service was, retired Master Sargent Frank M. Livingston. He is the senior officer of the Central Missouri Samuel F. Gearheart Detachment. Livingston says he enjoys serving with his detachment.

“The main thing that brings us out to the local ceremonies is pride, honor and respect. Pride in ourselves, honor for what we have done for country and respect for our fallen comrades.” Livingston said.

The memorial service was centered around the three bell service as names of service members who have passed in the last year are read allowed followed by ringing the bell. Upon conclusion of the service, Livingston and his detachment completed the 21 gun salute to conclude the memorial service.

Matt Jorgenson, Commandant of the Central Missouri Detachment says serving with Livingston is an honor.

“He is a veteran and served our country when it wasn’t necessarily the most popular thing to do but he sets the example and is a man who truly gives back in his entirety. He is an outstanding gentleman and sets the tone for the organization I’m apart of.” Jorgenson said.

Master Sargent Livingston enrolled during 1964 and completed two tours in Vietnam during his 23 years of service. Livingston says he is grateful for the community welcoming home veterans.

“Today, there is more and more being done for the returning veterans. Not only by the organizations but the communities are getting involved too. It means a lot to the veterans that it’s the community and not just the organization.”

“We notice how there are more, and more, people recognizing the veterans. We have noticed that has increased and people show more and more respect towards the veterans. It means a lot to us.” Livingston said.

Livingston said he enjoyed the memorial service and will use today to remember his friends and service members.

“To me its an honor that I can stop and take time to honor my fellow service members today,” Livingston said.