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COLUMBIA - Provision Living held a ceremony Wednesday afternoon to show the community its brand new senior living facility.

ARCO Construction Co., Inc. paired up with Provision Living to build the $20 million senior living facility.

The new building will have 94 units with kitchenettes and personal living space. It is estimated to be at least 3 stories high and 90,000 square feet.

Representative Caleb Jones from the 50th district was at the ceremony and he said he thinks the project will benefit both the elderly and their family members. 

"Senior citizens need to be surrounded by their loved ones here in Columbia, around their friends, around their family, and also around the medical facilities around Columbia," Jones said."

KOMU 8 News spoke with the superintendent of the project and he said the most difficult part is getting through the 15 feet of rock where the building will sit. 

Provision Living President Tom Spittal said the project will create 60 to 70 full and part time jobs. Spittal said it plans to open the facility at the end of next summer. 

Spittal also said the company has great interactions with the surrounding neighborhoods. "We are sensitive to their concerns," Spittal said. "A lot of planning went into this to make sure it wasn't a disruption." 

Spittal said he liked the size of the land and decided it would be a great place for a large facility.  A speaker at the ceremony said senior citizens are the "pillars of the community and that's who we are here for."

The facility will be located at 2333 Chapel Hill Road off of Forum Boulevard.

(Editor's Note: This story has been changed to include a location.)