Sentencing Hearing Underway for Man Convicted of Murder

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JEFFERSON CITY - The sentencing hearing for David Hosier began Thursday morning in Jefferson City.

The jury convicted Hosier of first degree murder, armed criminal action, burglary, and unlawful possession of a weapon Wednesday.

The prosecution recommended a death sentence during its opening statement. The prosecution called eight witnesses Thursday while the defense called three witnesses.

Angela Gilpin's two sons, Joshua and Dakota, testified saying they wish every day they had more time with their mother.

The prosecution tried to emphasize Hosier's violent past during the hearing. Hosier's ex-wife, Mary, said Hosier assaulted her in 1986 by grabbing both her hands and hitting herself in the face with her own hands. She said it left her bruised, and she separated from Hosier following the assault. Nancy Marshall, an ex-girlfriend of Hosier's, said Hosier grabbed her, took her to the basement, handcuffed her, and beat her in 1992. Marshall was treated at the hospital for a concussion and had several bruises on her face. Hosier became mad after finding out Marshall recorded phone calls talking to a friend about their relationship.

Another witness, Ron Browning, let Hosier live on his property when Hosier was struggling. Browning said Hosier threatened one of his ex-wives and said he discussed taking her life. Browning said Hosier became confrontational toward local police so he asked him to leave, which did not go well. Browning said Hosier pulled a gun on him after he asked him to leave. Browning anticipated a confrontation with Hosier and told his wife to keep a rifle in case things became violent. 

When asked if he still had any affection for Hosier, Browning paused for a few seconds and said, "The Dave I know is no longer here."

The defense emphasized Hosier's struggles following his father's death. Hosier's father was a police officer and killed on-duty. The defense said Hosier adored his father and he never completely recovered after his father's death.

In a videotaped deposition, Martha Hosier, David Hosier's mother, said they had a happy family before his father died. She said David Hosier was exceptionally close with his father and his father was his best friend. After his father's death, David Hosier kept to himself more than before. Martha Hosier said David Hosier was quieter and she never heard him talk about his father's death to anyone. 

The sentencing hearing will resume at 8:30 a.m. Friday.