Sequestration Brings Major Losses to Mid Missouri Charity

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday morning the Central Missouri Community Action organization announced the potential reorganization to the Head Start and Early Head Start programs in mid-Missouri.

The reorganization comes after a five percent loss in federal funding because of the government sequestration.

Five percent doesn't seem to be a lot, but it will cut 105 student slots and 19 jobs. The loss of 105 slots for students is a major concern for CMCA because it will put 105 underprivileged students at risk. The jobs cuts make up seven percent of CMCA's job force.

Executive Director of CMCA, Darin Preis, said "The main goal of the entire reogranziation was to keep the quality of the Head Start program and how we run the program. We couldn't lose that in order to take more students."

The program reorganization will affect 7 mid-Missouri counties. Last week, the program presented the reorganization plan to the CMCA's Board of Directors. Now CMCA must wait to have the proposal approved by the national Head Start Program.

If it is approved the cuts and changes will be made between now and April 30, 2014.