Server Training Discussion Continues

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COLUMBIA -The Substance Abuse Advisory Committee will discuss the Server Training Ordinance at Wednesday's meeting. The ordinance would require all who serve alcohol to take a training course. The course would include how to recognize fake identification, when someone is overly intoxicated, and how to notice someone shoplifting alcohol.

Driving this ordinance is Kelsi Poe's accident at Quinton's in September 2010. Poe reportedly drank before going to Harpo's and Quinton's. Poe was served alcohol at Harpo's and then she went to Quinton's, where she fell 15 feet off an internal railing. She suffered face, neck, skull fractures. Poe was underage at the time of her accident and reportedly visibly intoxicated.

Columbia Police said the accident was a wake-up call to businesses that they could be held responsible for accidents. Poe's family settled privately with Quinton's for one million dollars in damages. They are currently in a lawsuit with Harpo's. Police requested warrants for two servers at Quinton's, but the Boone County prosecutor did not file any charges.

The advisory committee will finalize plans at Wednesday's meeting before the September 27 public meeting at 7 p.m.