Settlement reached in Carl DeBrodie case

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FULTON - A "confidential settlement" has been reached between the parties in the wrongful death lawsuit in the case of Carl DeBrodie. That includes caregivers at Second Chance Homes, some of whom have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from DeBrodie's death.

Some of the money will help to care for DeBrodie's mother, Carolyn Summers. The rest will be donated to organizations that helped DeBrodie during his lifetime, according to attorney Rudy Veit.

Mary Martin, DeBrodie's caregiver for many years, said the settlement isn't about the money.

"It doesn't take away the fact that he lost his life because of their actions," she said. "I'm on the lines of the justice part, for federal charges, and for people to have consequences for their actions." 

Martin said Second Chance Homes fought her in court for years while she was fighting to adopt and gain guardianship of DeBrodie. 

"If they had not fought me for that, we wouldn't be sitting here today," she said. "He would be living with me, I would’ve moved him out of Second Chance the first minute I could’ve."

Martin said she knew about the mistreatment of DeBrodie in 2010 and "did everything in my power" to get him out of the situation. 

Martin's hopes this case helps people to be aware of what can happen.

"Carl is gone, so let's do things that are good in his name," she said. 

Martin started Carl's Helping Hands, a nonprofit aimed at raising money to "do things to make people with disabilities happy". She hopes some of the money from the settlement will go to her foundation, but she said Summers plans on giving it to other charities. 

Veit said the agreement in the lawsuit includes ways to improve oversight of care in supported living homes.

A Timeline of Events in the Carl DeBrodie Case

April 17, 2017: 31-year-old Carl DeBrodie reported missing from Second Chance Home

April 24, 2017: Carl DeBrodie’s body found incased in concrete 

May 16, 2017: FBI and Missouri Attorney General’s Office assist in the death investigation

May 17, 2017: Documents discovered missing from records of Second Chance Homes

May 24, 2017: Missouri Association of County Development Disabilities Services creates committee to change policies to prevent abuse and neglect

October 30, 2017: Former Second Chance Home employee files a worker’s compensation claim

January 23, 2018: Carolyn Summers, DeBrodie’s mother, files wrongful death lawsuit against Second Chance Homes

March 30, 2018: Motion to dismiss filed in wrongful death lawsuit

May 30, 2018: Complaint says DeBrodie died of fight-related injuries

June 11, 2018: Two of the five defendants in DeBrodie case plead not guilty to charges, including involuntary manslaughter

June 12, 2018: Missouri Attorney General’s office files a motion to dismiss civil rights violation charges against state employees

July 1, 2018: Missouri Coalition for Quality Care calls for review of the Department of Mental Health

August 20, 2018: Nurse connected to the death investigation pleads guilty to to health care fraud

September 28, 2018: State officials dropped from suit over DeBrodie’s death

October 4, 2018: Settlement reached in DeBrodie case