Several homes burglarized in Elm Tree area

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BOONE COUNTY - The Boone County Sheriff’s Department is investigating four burglaries this month in the Elm Tree area. Homes on Highway VV, Dripping Springs and Botner Road were burglarized. 

Det. Tom O’Sullivan said the burglaries happened during the day when people weren’t home.

O’Sullivan said electronics, firearms, hunting equipment, tools and some prescription medications were stolen.

Resident Kenneth Butler was burglarized in February. He said he believes it’s the same people who stole two four wheelers.

“We think there were three burglars, broke in, tried to jimmy the lock, cut, knocked down the fence, stole a battery off an old tractor, went through one of the trailers that my brother has there. Taking little petty things, but they took several tools and things like that.”

Butler said the burglars left scattered gun shells on his property. Since Butler's property was burglarized, he’s learned of his neighbors' houses being broken into.

“There’s a group of people. We think they seem to be the same people with the same M-O,” Butler said. “They seem to know the neighborhood. They seem to know people's schedule,” he said.

Butler said he doesn’t know how they stole the four wheelers. He said the burglars could have been caught if someone came down the rural road.

"We don’t know how they hauled them out of here, two four wheelers. Started them up without keys and cut down some barbed wired fence and drove them out, so very desperate people.”

O'Sullivan said investigators are looking into the similarities.

“Because they are in such close proximity to each other, we’re entertaining the theory that it is the same person or persons. We have burglaries all over the county, but this is somewhat unusual in we’ve had four in a relatively short period of time in the same area,” he said.

Butler's said, "We’re going to be out there watching them and any strange vehicle we’re going to be taking down license plates. We have other preventative measures. Just about everybody has an alarm system in their house."

Butler said he and his neighbors are working closely with the sheriffs department and are more vigilant of their neighborhood.

“Trust your neighbor to watch after things, don’t have your newspapers piling up, don’t let your mail pile up, don’t leave your garage door open, don’t leave your car open because there’s still people out here, some elderly folks who don’t lock their house doors, who need to secure their area,” Butler said. 

CrimeStoppers is offering a reward for more information that results in arrests for the suspect or suspects. The number is 573-875-TIPS.