Several Individuals Arrested in Connection to Drug Trafficking

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COLUMBIA - Six individuals in the area have been arrested on drug trafficking charges following an undercover investigation set forth by the Columbia Police Department and U.S. Postal Service.

22-year-old Joshua Dillick and 23-year-old Nicholas Kampe were arrested on March 6 and then charged with felony distribution and manufacturing, which is the possession of a controlled substance.

Undercover postal investigators delivered parcels to the homes of Kampe and Dillick on March 4 and 5.

The parcels had been sent from the San Francisco area, and were consistent with previous packages that have contained a controlled substance. The parcel was also believed to be involved with an active controlled substance and narcotics investigation between the San Francisco area and Columbia, MO.

Investigators did not immediately issue a federal search warrant to observe if the packages remained at the respective residences or if they were picked up by a third party.

Before delivering a package to Dillick, authorities obtained a federal search warrant for the Express Mail parcel. Approximately 5 pounds of marijuana were inside the parcel, with similar packaging to other parcels recovered in this investigation. Dillick then accepted the parcel from an undercover investigator.

Investigators later observed Nicholas Kampe arriving at the home of Dillick the same day. Authorities then executed a search warrant and made the arrests.

Ryan Concannon, Alex Thornton, Zachary Heath, Paden Poage and Mona Halaweh were identified as associates of Kampe and Dillick. The affidavit issued stated those individuals committed felony violation of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute marijuana.