Severe Storms Create Dangerous Driving Conditions for Mid-Missourians

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COLUMBIA - Mid Missouri was showered with heavy rainfall Wednesday, making it the first major thunderstorm of the season.

The Boone County Fire District advises drivers to remember basic safety procedures while driving during a storm.

If there is hail, flooding or lightning, drivers are advised to remain inside their vehicles. If there is a tornado, immediately seek shelter for protection.

Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp says if drivers are not comfortable traveling in severe conditions, they should stay home and wait until the storm passes.

Blomenkamp also advises drivers to pull off on a side road or an off-ramp if it is hard to see the roadways.

"Make sure you get off the road, but never stop on the highway and never stop on an interstate," said Blomenkamp.

The Boone County Fire District says stopping your car on the interstate is a major reason accidents happen during storms.

Drivers are reminded to travel slowly and with caution.