Sexual assault victim reports first to anti-discrimination office

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COLUMBIA - University Police released a report last night saying a sexual assault happened on campus. Usually, MUPD handles sexual assaults that take place on campus however, this time the victim reached out to the campus organization that specializes in sexual discrimination and assault cases. 

The victim reported to the Title IX offices last Friday that she was assaulted by an unknown male near Jesse Hall and Hills Hall. Title IX officials then contacted university police to continue the search for the suspect. 

MUPD Captain Brian Weimer said Title IX works with MUPD in order to get the sexual assault reports sent out to keep the community informed in a timely manner. These are known as Clery releases.

MUPD officials said it does not matter where the victim reports the incident first. However, MUPD will proceed with the case from there as it moves through the arrest and court process. 

"It helps ensure that the victims of these types of crimes are getting the assistance that they need, " said Weimer. "That is what the most important thing is."

MUPD officials said they cover all sorts of crime that takes place on campus. Title IX focuses more specifically on sexual assaults, which can help explain why the victim contacted it first.